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    Hello and Thankyou for stopping by UU!


    Reply from justietoo2002:

    I really hate Yuku. I've been trying for months to post something here, and it keeps demanding I log in, then I log in it tells me I cannot post because I am not a member to this comm anymore. Then it logs me back out. I hope this gets posted. I am on FaceBook. [email protected] for anyone who wants to find me. Love all of you.
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    Hi, Hon;

    Thanks for writing and thanks for the kind words. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner but I'm sure this is as busy a time of year for you as it is for me and most folks. Since I'm my mom's primary caregiver now I essentially do most of the set up for Christmas and she's assuredly collected a lot of Christmas stuff over the years so it's gotten to be a big job setting up the tree, decorating it and the apartment, and stringing lights on the balcony over three days. She helps, of course, but her arthritis has slowed her down a great deal.

    As for my own health it's still problematic. The past few months were difficult for me physically and emotionally following my being diagnosed with severe psoriasis and with the fact that I will have it for the remainder of my life, as well as a painful knee injury back in the spring which, thankfully and much to my relief, resolved itself after my orthopedic surgeon drained fluid that had built up in it.

    My lungs have been reasonably clear and I've made it through the year so far with no major infections, so I'm glad of that, and I certainly hope that will continue as long as possible, but the psoriasis has been an unwanted blow. It's a very obvious disease, appearance-wise, especially if it's a bad case like mine, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone...except maybe Chimpy McGoofball and Dickhead Cheney. And while I'm by no means a handsome man - I like to say that I'm ugly as hell but with my sizeable stature that it works for me image - I didn't really need any further "help" that way. But after having to deal with a life-long history of CST syndrome and its side effects and related disorders, this just seemed to be one more indignity piled onto a lifetime of indignities for me. I most certainly know there are folks in far worse straits than I, but it, and having to be tied to another "ball & chain" medication 24/7 got to be a bit much.

    I'm still dealing with these feelings (q'uelle surprise?) but I'm better mind-wise than I was, but I guess it's just one more of those challenges life lays out. Like Michael J. Fox says, "We each have our own bag of hammers to deal with." This is just one more added to the load.

    I've every confidence in your being an FFR manager, J.; you're as enlightened, insightful, and intelligent as any of us and you add your own unique energy, humour, and perspective to the mix> Sparrow and Apple know well what they are doing and see the same in you. Frankly, if they'd asked me I would've had to turn them down as my head just wasn't - and still fully isn't - in the right place to do the job justice.. That and the fact that I was monitoring things very closely during the election and that we now have a bunch of neo-nazi/neocon nutjobs making further power grabs up here would've kept me out too, timewise. So I think you're just the right person for the job.

    Anyways, that's all for now. Sorry this wasn't cheerier. But at least the snow's pretty when it's fresh. So, I'll kick back on Christmas Eve, whip up a mug of hot chocolate or two with a wee dram of Bailey's mixed in, watch "White Christmas" (my fave Christmas movie), enjoy the lights on the tree and wish to win the lottery so I can build my log house and my observatory, and buy an F-86 Sabre so I can dump a big load of rotten sneakers and fresh, steaming rat turds on Bush and Cheney's heads!

    Have a Merry Christmas and a terrific New Year!



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    Reply from justietoo2002:

    Respect & kudos back at you you Neil my dear friend!!Life being disowned miscreate is a freer and liberating feeling! Patting the right backs and kissing the right ass would have earned me thousands.....Oh well easy come easy go....
    peace Happy new year
  3. 12/02/08

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    Hey Justie!!! Good to see you here girl and here is very good once you get used to it. Play around it could be fun. Oh and go read my poetry if you are into that sort of stuff. Just click on the text that says "read more" for whole piece to come up.
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    Hi Justie! Welcome to the loony bin!! image